Lodi Wines

Are you brave enough to take the plunge?

Stepping to the edge of the deep blue, inhaling a deep, long breath before diving in and submerging yourself into the shimmering water below. It is the moment of freefall, then stillness, as you become in tune with each of the senses throughout your body.

About Plungerhead Wines

Plungerhead wines start in the heart of Lodi, which has grown in popularity in recent years for developing world class wines. Our goal is to craft wines reflective of Lodi’s true character – rich flavors that are bold and deep, reflective of its unique soil and Mediterranean climate. We invite you to plunge headfirst into our wines and experience them with all your senses. From the bright fruit aromas lifting from the glass to the silky mouthfeel and lush, delicious fruit flavors – the enveloping nature of this alluring wine is sure to captivate and charm.

Be brave enough to take the plunge headfirst into the deep flavored wines grown in the heart of Lodi.